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If You Can't Talk About It You Can't Fix It


Are you working where everyone is fighting to get out of the weeds or are you part of a truly strategic team who really have each others’ backs? Research shows that high performance depends on the capability of the whole team, not the superstar individual running to get ahead. 

The same goes for retention and engagement to win the war on talent. Working with good co-workers, great managers and being treated with respect is more important to employees than anything else.

The ultimate stress test of all of this? It comes down to the quality of your conversations. This challenge is amplified in our new world of work where grabbing for our attention everywhere but being authentically heard is becoming rarer than ever. 

When you can listen deeply, challenge courageously and own your part, your team can truly be on the same page for high performance. This doesn’t mean more meetings or just being nicer, it demands a clear structure that tackles the specific underlying needs of you and your team – no matter how crazy today or tomorrow may be. 

Your Old Ways of Talking Won’t Work

About Justine Figo

Author. Mentor. Coach.

'You don't need to be in the same room, you do need to be on the same page'

Justine gets teams on the same page and shifts leaders to from slammed to strategic. She believes that the key to levelling up is listening up and that nearly every team wants to be a high performer, it’s about having the conversations that let you get on with it.

 She is the founder the HR Executive Tribe – Australia’s genuinely connected HR Directors’ network. She has developed countless teams and their leaders.

 A former lawyer and People and Culture Executive for 35,000 people in a Fortune 500 Company, she gets it because she’s been there.

Justine Figo BA, LLB (Hons), MOL, FCPHR




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