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Of course most leaders want high performance, the question is how to have the conversations that just let you get on with it – and leave you confident you’re pulling together in the the make or break moments. 

Employees want the same. Research shows that working with good co-workers, great managers and being treated with respect is more important to employees than anything else.

It starts with the quality of your conversations. The old top down ways of talking don’t work and in our new world of work where everyone is grabbing for our attention, being authentically heard is becoming rarer than ever. 

When you can listen deeply, challenge courageously and own your part, your team can truly be on the same page for high performance. This doesn’t mean more meetings or just being nicer, it demands a clear structure that tackles the specific human and strategic needs of your team – no matter how crazy things get.

About Justine Figo

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'You don't need to be in the same room, you do need to be on the same page'

Justine creates high performance people and culture, with a particular passion for working with teams at turning points.  

She is the founder the HR Executive Tribe (HRET ) Australia’s genuinely connected HR Directors’ network. She has developed countless teams and their leaders. You actually could count them but maths is not her strong suit.

 A former lawyer and People and Culture Executive for 35,000 people in a Fortune 500 Company, certified among Australia’s most senior HR leaders, she gets it because she walks the talk.

Justine Figo BA, LLB (Hons), MOL, FCPHR




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Get on the Same Page with 5 Conversations for Top Team Performance. 

WARNING: Both deeply compassionate and also uncompromising, this is Justine’s signature program. 

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Conversations for Team Performance


In a company with fewer than a thousand employees in Australia, every single role matters. It involves making sure that the behaviours of each individual are not just individual – but they're working as a team to get the best results

Diana Nadebaum

Chief People Officer, Gurner

When you've got a workforce of around 100,000 team members, it really is a full team effort. You all need to pull together

Lynley Corcoran

GM People and Culture Operations, Coles

The more corporate services can share and work together, the more it provides a much better outcome for our clients and customers

Phillip Vaughan

Chief People Officer, Monash University

You cannot simply say, "We decree that from now on, we will share. Amen."

Nicky Urban-Weiss

Director, Engineering Enablement, Zendesk

What you need is people willing to step up and ready to get in

Miranda Hewitt

Head of Employee Experience, UniSuper

Rather than looking too hard for silver bullets and gimmicky solutions, why don't we go back to basics and just talk to people using our own voice box

Raj Tapper

GM People and Culture, Cricket Australia

We realised how much progress we had made as a leadership team for people to feel confident to ask tricky questions

Rebecca Roberts

GM, People, BlueScope

We've taken a more holistic view of how we might work in the future

Michelle Ridsdale

Former Chief People Officer, Envato

There is a great level of respect in the team. We're all striving for the same outcomes. We're challenging each other. There's open dialogue. We make sure everyone's on the same page. We're not always in agreeance, but at the end of the day, we're getting to where we need to be.

Peggy North

Chief People Officer, Monash IVF Group

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