Connect Better Faster
with Justine Figo

This book is FOR YOU

Connect Better Faster is one of the fastest, funnest and smartest books to systematically bring yourself closer to the people who count. 

You don’t always need to be in the same room. You do need to be on the same page. 

Justine is founder the HR Executive Tribe – Australia’s genuinely connected HR Directors’ network. She has developed countless teams and their leaders.

 A former lawyer and People and Culture Executive for 35,000 people in a Fortune 500 Company, she gets it because she’s been there.

You can schedule an assessment call with her at hello@justinefigo.com

Justine Figo BA, LLB (Hons), MOL, FCPHR




Get set up to step up. Build confidence, self-awareness, capability and support systems for the biggest leadership impact.


Get on the Same Page with 5 Conversations for Top Team Performance. 

WARNING: Both deeply compassionate and also uncompromising, this is Justine’s signature program. 

HR Leaders

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