Dozens of HR Directors

from our most complex organisations

teamed together at a key turning point

along the way, they re-imagined how top teams talk today

In November 2019,  we started out on a journey to create a values-led network of HR Directors. We called ourselves the ‘HREC’ (formerly called ‘HRET’). No one could have predicted what happened next.

In the face of the greatest disruption of our generation, over 200+ HR Directors from some of our biggest brands and fastest growing organisations teamed together. Sometimes it was for support, sometimes to stay one step ahead, all the while, rapidly redefining the rules of how we team together within our organisations. 

Based on exclusive interviews from over 50 HR Directors, ‘On the Same Page, Five Conversations for Leading Team Performance’ is a book that shares more than a journey. It captures the key learnings of our tribe into a series of five actionable team conversations that you can use today. 

In ‘On the Same Page’, Justine Figo teaches us that there is no single answer, no hero leader who can keep the weight of the world on their shoulders any more.  To succeed, we must have co-empowering conversations. We do this not just by speaking up, but by learning how to truly listen to each other in the first place. It means reducing meaningless meetings, ditching micromanagement and genuinely pulling together, wherever you may be working today. 

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If you can’t talk about it you can’t fix it. The old ways of talking don’t work.

Conversation is the catalyst for culture. Ineffective team conversations are frustrating and overwhelming. They create roadblocks, conflict and avoidance. Targets aren’t met. Your organisational strategy is compromised.

Today’s top teams have co-empowering conversations. Each person listens deeply, challenges courageously and owns their part. Co-empowering conversations mean you can:

•        Slash your meetings and reclaim your time

•        Turn each team member into an effective buy-in builder

•        Make feedback & development conversations a team strength

•        Increase inclusion & belonging for authentic team participation

•        Shift your team culture so it drives your strategy forward

This telling book has dozens of interviews and case studies from leading People and Culture Executives describing top teaming in complex organisations.

Level up your team today.

It is easy to identify a successful team working in synergy, but far more difficult to create an environment for a team to consistently thrive and perform at their best. Justine has provided a fantastic and usable blueprint with actions that are supported by great insights from leading professionals.

Damien Villarosa, Head of Education & Training, Richmond Football Club

Wow. What an insightful and pragmatic masterpiece.

It will be my reference manual in my new role. It should be the success manual for every leader! Imagine if leaders all over the globe took two tips from each section and implemented them.

Anu Briggs, People and Culture Executive

It is no secret that ‘good listening skills’ are essential for workplace success. And yet, when was the last time you saw ‘listening’ in a job description? Justine lays bare the outdated ‘one-approach-fits-all’ way of conversing in corporate environments. She not only explains why new conversations are required for high performance, but teaches us how to have meaningful, impactful, positive, humane – and yes, profitable, conversations. These are ‘co-empowering’ conversations that get us on the same page.

Justine’s research, interviews and own experience evidences that those who embrace the high art of listening are destined to be the better, more compassionate leaders, and infinitely better positioned to lead an increasingly diverse, multigenerational workforce that is expecting agency as a driver of professional fulfilment.

I dare you to read this book and not emerge a better leader.

Sawsan Howard B. Ag Sc., M Env St., MBA (Dist), Juris Doctor (Dist). Senior Executive, Non-Executive Director

Teams don’t just need to learn to talk, they must learn to listen too. As leaders work to meet the needs of diverse and hybrid workforces, getting teams on the same page is more important than ever.

Enjoyable and inspiring, this book is told through a series of case studies and interviews of experienced and insightful culture leaders. What’s more, the solution makes sense.

If you need to stop wasting time having the wrong conversations, Justine’s researched and practical techniques show you how. This is one of the defining books on team leadership and communication for your toolkit.

Jim Fuoco, GM Network and Alliances at Virgin Australia

In this book, Justine Figo has shared her wisdom and, by walking her talk, she has also distilled incredible insights from the impressive people leaders she interviewed for this book. Increased uncertainty in our lives could mean we pull away from each other. If you believe higher performance comes from a team who are on the same page, you will love this book and you will love the five conversations Justine presents so clearly – this is a manual for transformational teams.

Dr Amy Silver, Keynote Speaker, Mentor and Best Selling Author of The Loudest Guest: How to change and control your relationship with fear

The HREC Story


If I don’t get this right, the culture, the recovery of the business, and, most importantly, individuals will suffer

Chris Regan

Chief People Officer, Whispir

There are Chief People Officers in amazing roles, but everyone's just doing their own thing to contribute. It doesn't matter who you are or what your role is. Everyone has a question, and people are willing to share an answer

Emma Brennan

Head of HR, Telstra Health

I was blown away by the community – the openness and willingness to share and help each other have continued long past the initial reaction of COVID

Bree Robinson

HR Director, Royal Canin

I find the vulnerabilities quite breath-taking in the sharing of people's personal journeys. That's what resonated for me. I see those things almost daily

Sally Georgas

VP HR, Pacific and North East Asia Division, ASSA ABLOY Group

Conversations for Team Performance


In a company with fewer than a thousand employees in Australia, every single role matters. It involves making sure that the behaviours of each individual are not just individual – but they're working as a team to get the best results

Diana Nadebaum

Chief People Officer, Gurner

When you've got a workforce of around 100,000 team members, it really is a full team effort. You all need to pull together

Lynley Corcoran

GM People and Culture Operations, Coles

The more corporate services can share and work together, the more it provides a much better outcome for our clients and customers

Phillip Vaughan

Chief People Officer, Monash University

You cannot simply say, "We decree that from now on, we will share. Amen."

Nicky Urban-Weiss

Director, Engineering Enablement, Zendesk

What you need is people willing to step up and ready to get in

Miranda Hewitt

Head of Employee Experience, UniSuper

Rather than looking too hard for silver bullets and gimmicky solutions, why don't we go back to basics and just talk to people using our own voice box

Raj Tapper

GM People and Culture, Cricket Australia

We realised how much progress we had made as a leadership team for people to feel confident to ask tricky questions

Rebecca Roberts

GM, People, BlueScope

We've taken a more holistic view of how we might work in the future

Michelle Ridsdale

Former Chief People Officer, Envato

Where it started

The HR Executive Co-mmunity (HREC) is a complimentary Australian invitation only, values based networking group. It is for CPOs, HR Directors and Heads of People and Culture Functions. We practice authentic connection with a generous spirit. 

About Justine Figo

Author. Mentor. Coach.

'You don't need to be in the same room, you do need to be on the same page'

Justine creates high performance people and culture, with a particular passion for working with teams at turning points.  

She is the founder the HR Executive Co-mmunity (HREC) (formerly known as HR Executive Tribe (HRET) ) Australia’s genuinely connected HR Directors’ network. She has developed countless teams and their leaders. You actually could count them but maths is not her strong suit.

 A former lawyer and People and Culture Executive for 35,000 people in a Fortune 500 Company, certified among Australia’s most senior HR leaders, she gets it because she walks the talk.

Justine Figo BA, LLB (Hons), MOL, FCPHR


Inspire your people to team together with the story of the HR Executive Co-mmunity and the 5 Co-Empowering Conversations.

Offsites/ Workshops

Get on the same page with tailored events to identify needs, create ownership and set your teams up to have the co-empowering conversations that count.

Performance Programs

Create a cadence of co-empowering conversations for high performance culture in your team and across your organisation. 

There is a great level of respect in the team. We're all striving for the same outcomes. We're challenging each other. There's open dialogue. We make sure everyone's on the same page. We're not always in agreeance, but at the end of the day, we're getting to where we need to be.

Peggy North

Chief People Officer, Monash IVF Group

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