A senior leader called me out for doing a good job. Immediately I thought, this is a mistake.

Why on earth would I think it was a mistake? The recognition was thoughtful. It was based on results that I had genuinely delivered. And best of all, it came from someone who I respect. Still, out of habit, my first reaction was to doubt myself.

Luckily, it turns out that you don’t have to accept your first reaction. Instead, I decided to say thank you. Then I made a mental list of all the reasons that I was grateful to receive this recognition. It left me feeling energised and happy and it helped me to hear to the lovely feedback that I was receiving.

Believing in yourself does not make you arrogant. It simply frees you up to be the best you can and enjoy the ride along the way. Maybe believing in yourself comes naturally to you. For many people, I think it just takes practice.

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