For HR Professionals wanting to make a bigger difference

Supercharge your
HR Impact

Strengthen & Stress Test Your HR Strategy
Elevate Your Entire HR Team


Group Executive Monitoring

For Human Resources, Organisational Development, Learning and Development and OH&S mid-level professionals wanting to play a bigger game.

Workshop your 3 biggest professional problems in one power packed day. Create value quickly & BE valued as a people leader with business impact. Connect at a deep level with other inspirational HR professionals.

1 day intensive

Measures that matter; to track personal and professional progress

People with purpose; expand HR network in meaningful way
Actions that move you; your own tailored impact action plan


In House Program

This program is for leaders of Human Resources, Organisational Development, Learning and Development and OH&S teams who want to ensure they are heading in the best direction to make a difference.

Step away from the day to day and use the fresh perspective to ask the questions that count with the people who count. Walk away with a plan to set your team and the business up for success, create flexibility and have strategic impact in changing times.

0.5 day to 3 day workshop. For groups of 4 to 40

Shared group direction; vision, purpose, what works for your team

Group development & action plan; for team progress after the day
Personal plans; for committed progress to individual deliverables


In House Program

For Human Resources, Organisational Development, Learning and Development and OH&S leaders who want to bring out the best in their whole team and support them to do more with less. 

Create a series of simple, achievable actions that layer over time into deep capability. The result is a group of transformational HR leaders, who are all doing what really counts, when it counts.

Series of interactive group workshops & one on one coaching sessions with team leader over 12 month period

*Note: 1 day taster programs are also available*

Group development & review system embedded

Personal plans for each team member in progress
High impact organisational initiative in place