Teams Culture

Justine’s next book On the Same Page is highly anticipated! In other words,  ‘it took a long time’.  Due out in December 2021, it shares the 5 Conversations to Drive Results in Teams. It’s a practical guide based on leading research and as described by over 50 leading HR executives.  If you want to access the free resources now, you can!

On the Same Page

Coffee Shot Energy Boosters & Strategy Sessions

 No one can do it alone. If you need to level up your results, you need to empower each person to work better together. 

Break down barriers, kick build engagement, and turbo charge your transformation journey with the right mindset and commitment to an ongoing cadence of real conversations.

Face to face and highly interactive 45 minute -2 hour online sessions available. 

Steps for change

Empowerment mindset

Emphasis on accountability & commitment

On the Same Page

In House Signature Program

For executive, leadership and project teams needing to level up their performance in a complex world. 

Based on the 5 Conversations to Empower Each Other, Justine  guides your team through Care, Connection, Clarity, Courage and Cadence to deliver results that exceed expectations today and tomorrow. 

Just because times are tough doesn’t mean you have to settle for second best.

Talent + Teams + Organisation streams available

Team snapshots & diagnostics

Systematic & tailored program to level up all participants

Visibility of conversational impact on performance