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On the Same Page

Find out what all the fuss is about and download your free sample of the book here


Why teams win the war on talent

See the strategic overview of the war on talent from the perspective of top HR Directors and why team relationships are at the heart of your EVP


Work out what your team needs and fix it fast

You fix your team culture one conversation at a time. Get your team on the same page and achieving high performance with the simple and practical Team Talk Health Check.

On the Same Page

Workshop / Offsite

 No one can do it alone. If you need to level up your results, you need to empower each person to work better together. 

Break down barriers, kick build engagement, and turbo charge your transformation journey with the right mindset and commitment to an ongoing cadence of real conversations.

Face to face and virtual. Lunch and learn, along with leadership offsite format available.

Steps for change

Empowerment mindset

Emphasis on accountability & commitment

On the Same Page

Team Program

Just because we are working in challenging environments doesn’t mean you have to settle for second best. This is about listening up to level up in the face of complexity.

Based on the 5 Conversations to Empower Each Other, Justine  guides your team through Care, Connection, Clarity, Courage and Cadence to deliver results that exceed expectations today and tomorrow. 

Suitable for leadership, functional teams and cross-organisational collaborations.

Talent pipeline + Teams + Functional streams available

Team snapshots & diagnostics

Systematic & tailored program to level up all participants

Visibility of conversational impact on performance

On the Same Page

Organisational Culture Partnership

Confidently embed your organisational strategy at a deep culture level; every team, every conversation at a time. Create a co-empowering way to work, where everyone is pulling together and it’s your differences make you stronger. Check your progress against the measures that matter.

This requires enough commitment at the executive leadership level to create genuine buy-in over an 18 month period.

Steps for change

Empowerment mindset

Emphasis on accountability & commitment

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