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Connect Better Faster when you want to get your team On the Same Page. Top value two book pack together as one.


If you can’t talk, you can’t fix the problem. The old ways of talking don’t work.

Ineffective team conversations are frustrating and overwhelming. They create roadblocks, conflict and avoidance. Targets aren’t met. Your organisational strategy is compromised.

Today’s top teams have co-empowering conversations. Each person listens deeply, challenges courageously and owns their part. Co-empowering conversations mean you can:

•        Slash your meetings and reclaim your time

•        Turn each team member into an effective buy-in builder

•        Make feedback & development conversations a team strength

•        Increase inclusion & belonging for authentic team participation

•        Shift your team culture so it drives your strategy forward

This telling book has dozens of interviews and case studies from leading People and Culture Executives describing top teaming in complex organisations.

Level up your team today.

It is easy to identify a successful team working in synergy, but far more difficult to create an environment for a team to consistently thrive and perform at their best. Justine has provided a fantastic and usable blueprint with actions that are supported by great insights from leading professionals.

Damien Villarosa, Head of Education & Training, Richmond Football Club

Wow. What an insightful and pragmatic masterpiece.

It will be my reference manual in my new role. It should be the success manual for every leader! Imagine if leaders all over the globe took two tips from each section and implemented them.

Anu Briggs, People and Culture Executive

It is no secret that ‘good listening skills’ are essential for workplace success. And yet, when was the last time you saw ‘listening’ in a job description? Justine lays bare the outdated ‘one-approach-fits-all’ way of conversing in corporate environments. She not only explains why new conversations are required for high performance, but teaches us how to have meaningful, impactful, positive, humane – and yes, profitable, conversations. These are ‘co-empowering’ conversations that get us on the same page.

Justine’s research, interviews and own experience evidences that those who embrace the high art of listening are destined to be the better, more compassionate leaders, and infinitely better positioned to lead an increasingly diverse, multigenerational workforce that is expecting agency as a driver of professional fulfilment.

I dare you to read this book and not emerge a better leader.

Sawsan Howard B. Ag Sc., M Env St., MBA (Dist), Juris Doctor (Dist). Senior Executive, Non-Executive Director

Teams don’t just need to learn to talk, they must learn to listen too. As leaders work to meet the needs of diverse and hybrid workforces, getting teams on the same page is more important than ever.

Enjoyable and inspiring, this book is told through a series of case studies and interviews of experienced and insightful culture leaders. What’s more, the solution makes sense.

If you need to stop wasting time having the wrong conversations, Justine’s researched and practical techniques show you how. This is one of the defining books on team leadership and communication for your toolkit.

Jim Fuoco, GM Network and Alliances at Virgin Australia

In this book, Justine Figo has shared her wisdom and, by walking her talk, she has also distilled incredible insights from the impressive people leaders she interviewed for this book. Increased uncertainty in our lives could mean we pull away from each other. If you believe higher performance comes from a team who are on the same page, you will love this book and you will love the five conversations Justine presents so clearly – this is a manual for transformational teams.

Dr Amy Silver, Keynote Speaker, Mentor and Best Selling Author of The Loudest Guest: How to change and control your relationship with fear


Imagine if every manager in your organisation spent five minutes each day genuinely connecting with their teams. A year from now, how might things be different?

Most people and culture leaders know that conversation starters are the ultimate connection hack. There’s nothing like a series of thoughtful ice breakers to really break down barriers.

Now, Connect Better Faster, takes it to the next level. The 3 stages of questions in this book train you and your teams to connect at a deeper, more effective level, long after you have put this book away.

More than ever, leaders must create teams who can genuinely connect to deliver their strategic objectives. Connect Better Faster is a practical solution that breaks down human connection into bite sized pieces of achievable fun.

Want to learn more? The answer is inside.


As an executive who has led businesses from scale-ups to multi-billion-dollar balance sheets, I know just how challenging it is to lead other human beings. One of the biggest challenges when you are running a business is to connect what I believe are the foundational pillars – culture, strategy and people. Justine’s years of experience and expertise, plus her passion for people shines through. This is a brilliant book, which I highly recommend to any leader who wants to connect with their people at a real level.

Alex Tullio, CEO Speaker Mentor

Connect Better Faster is a fabulous edition to our culture toolbox, the only issue is we need more than 1 copy, it’s always in use at meetings, catch ups and in the kitchen common areas.

It’s a great way to engage people to get to know each other through conversations that spark fun, creativity and connections

Zoe Russell, Head of HR, Land Services  SA

A fabulous and timely volume of practical advice and top tips to assist practitioners to connect with workers. A real time saver for time-poor professionals.

Carol Sumner, Former Executive Director in Australian Government

As an HR professional, I know that people, culture and connections are vital to success—not only for myself, but for any team and organisation.  Finding ways to establish meaningful relationships is critical, and in Connect Better Faster, Justine Figo explores new ways to get the ball rolling in an easy and fun way.   I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to build authentic relationships.

Maria Sieckman,  HR Director, Fortune 500 Company

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a future planning workshop for a large global group, in San Francisco. I took with me two copies of Justine’s book, Connect Better Faster. It’s 1001 conversation starters/questions and I can absolutely confirm that it was an amazing and valuable resource! The books lived at each end of the conference table, and we began each session with a voluntary Q&A.

The workshop participants, who were engineers from around the world, truly embraced the opportunity to be open with each other and no question asked was skipped over (an option available to all). To have structure in getting to know each other better faster, landed beautifully. Great Book Justine! 5⭐️

Nicky Urban-Weiss,  Senior HR Manager, Zendesk

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