I was in a meeting and our Managing Director stood up

I was in a meeting and our Managing Director stood up.

The first thing she did was introduce us to the new members of the meeting. But what stood out was WAY she did it.

Rather than just read a list of names, she took the time to do it in a way that mattered. Every person she introduced, she also thanked personally for their own specific contribution. It wasn’t forced or formal. Just simple words to say thank you for making a difference.

The power of that small, sincere gesture, set the mood for the rest of meeting.  It also left some very special people feeling very appreciated. And that’s important.

I think it’s amazing how much being in a position of leadership magnifies even your smallest actions.

So, what did I take away from the actions of our Managing Director? She reminded me – if you want people to care, start by showing people that you care about them first.

Also, I think it’s important to do it from a place that works for you. Because if you stand up and do something “nice” just because “HR says you should” people will notice that too.

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